Scene timer , counting backwards

i am a beginner who does not know programming.
at the moment i want to know how to set a scene timer with these functions:

  • a textbox on scene1 displays the text “Time left: 60 seconds”
  • when scene1 starts, the timer counts backwards each second (60, 59, 58…)
  • when counter reaches “0” , scene changes to scene2

who can help with a step-by-step-tutorial?
or even a code-snippet i can copy and paste?
thanks so much in advance!

Hi, there are lots of useful examples and starters. Here is an example to make a countdown

If you are just starting out and have no idea how the engine works, you could follow one or two of the tutorials. Even though the tutorial has nothing to do with the actual game you want to make, it will help you to understand how to use the engine.

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this countdown timer example will help, i hope.
thanks a lot for that link!

i had a look on the sample and it works fine.
i tested with different times etc. - all worked fine.
then i copied all the lines into my project - but it does not work.
why that?
so sad…

tutorial script

my script
can not put in, because i am new in this forum.
but it tis the same, of course.
the scene shows “10”, but does not count down.

No, it’s not the same or it would work.

Things to check:

  1. The timer names are case sensitive. Make sure it’s the correct case through out.
  2. Make sure you have the text object with the same name as the actions.
  3. Are there any red squiggles underlining part of the actions? This indicates an error.

Yes, you were/are absolutely right.
and i found my mistake i made within the settings:
there are different ways(!) for using the “changing the text”-attribute.
now i found the right one.
have to say that this is very confusing for a non-programmer like me.
anyway. now it works fine as as you promised .
so thanks to all who helped.
now i know where to find help for the next problem…;-))