Scene Variables dialog

I love the way scene variables work now, and by that I mean the use of the dialog, before now, I never used it, I just created variables directly cause it was faster, obviously on large projects that become an issue, that’s why I love this more.

I feel this is something I and a lot of users are going to use more often hence my request for it to be added to the toolbar in the events sheet.


it’s important we can easily access the dialog.

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While I agree having a lot of the scene functions be more readily available would be useful;

Is there a reason why the variable editor button on every action/event that uses variables wouldn’t apply to this need?

Button on the right directly opens the scene variable editor:

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Maybe they can add extra function to the already existing keyboard shortcut that opens the scene variable editor, so that it will open not just when you are in the scene layout editor tab but also when you are in the scene events editor tab. Or if they add a button to the toolbar maybe they can let it be something the user can disable to prevent clutter.

having a one-click button is really the benefit of it. since scene variables are associated with scenes, having them at the top right is essential.