Scenes, backgrounds, rooms???

I am confused about how to create a scene and how that is different from a background.
I tried but was unable to create a scene and access it.
I assume scene is equivalent to rooms in AGS?
I went through the documentation about creating a scene and openning it.
How is that done step by step?

Creating a scene is very simple :
Right click on “Scenes” in the project manager. Choose “Add a scene”. Then double click on the newly added scene.

Yes, in a way.

Background are nothing more than an image.
To add a background to a scene, just create a new Sprite object, then add to the object the image you want to use, then put the object on the scene at the position 0;0.

( This may sound more difficult than with AGS, but it is not that’s difficult, and backgrounds in Game Develop are much more powerful : As they are objects, you can do basically anything you want with them ).

Take a look at the tutorial which is shipped with Game Develop so as to know how to do the basic operations with Game Develop. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

Just a question, since there are no “Backgrounds” wouldn’t having multiple instances of the same object make some lag? I know you can do layers and such but I would think having the option for a background would also be nice where it has no objects just a selection of images.

If you want a static background, you just have to create a layer, put under the base layer, and put the background object image on it. The performance overhead is negligible compared to a such feature directly implemented inside the Game Develop engine, and it is much more flexible :slight_smile:

Merci, I will keep that in mind, and I love the program so far.