Scenes changing [Solved]


think every rectangle is a scene and every letter is a door to the next scene and every number is the scene name for example :
player collision with door “B” scene “1” scene will change to scene “2” and if the player collisions with door “A” scene “2” player will back to the scene “1”
i know there is a action as “go back to previous paused scene” and i’m using that so my question is
this will be saved in exported game ??
i mean if i start game from scene “2” and player collisions with door “A” there is no paused scene and i don’t know how to do that
and i have a condition as "scene just resumed " and the action for that is “create player in position of door “b” of the current scene” so if i don’t use this condition and action how to create player around the door that player just entered??

srry for bad english …
and ty for answering …

I don’t know if I understood correctly, but you should put a condition “at the beginning of the scene”, and after an action that the character’s sprite places it in those coordinates. then “position of an object” and put the door coordinates


Hi, don’t think you need to have paused scene in your case, just use normal changing scene.
Then, try to set global variable to check where player coming from: if coming from door A, store the coordinates they should be at, and then in the beginning of scene teleport the player to the position they should be, by checking this earlier variable.
For example, if player go from scene “2” to scene “1” using door “A”, they need to teleport to near “B” door, so set player position something like doorB.X() - 250. doorB is your door object name, .X() means “the X position”, and then we minus it by 250 so player does not teleport in the door.


ty for answer it helped


ty for answer it helped …

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