Scenes don't change

I’m currently developing a game but the scenes won’t change

The expected result:
The scenes will change
The actual result:
The Scenes won’t change.
Please help as the scene change is SUPER important for the game.

Either the character is not on the platform at the beginning of the scene, or the scene name is incorrect

I’ve tested the game and when the player is on the platform it doesn’t change scenes. And I have checked and the scene name is correct

The “Player is on platform” check will only be performed once, when the scene first loads. If the player isn’t on the platform at that point, which is most likely the case, then the action will not be processed.

Get rid of the “Beginning of scene”. That will fix it.

It still doesn’t work

Does “DeadGrass” have platformer behaviour?

Is there another platform object covering DeadGrass?

Can you give a screen shot of the scene and your new events?