Scenes Or External Layouts

I was watching a tutorial about external events and came across a part that talked about external layouts.

I don’t know much about external layouts but from the what seen, it looks like they are more flexible than scenes but bring about their own challenges like having to manually managing scene transtitions.

Which one of them would you use if you were making a game like Hollow Knight for example.

To be clear, external layouts have to be used with scenes, they don’t necessarily replace them.

For something like Hollow Knight:
Your GUI should likely be an external layout, because you’re going to need it in every main game scene and don’t want to have to recreate it every time.
Your map “zones” should likely be a unique scene for each, no reason to load the enemy graphics and events if those enemies are on the completely other side of the map in another zone.


I didn’t realize that all the code would be on one scene
Good Point