Score points system

hello, im having a trouble with my current project
can u lend me a hand on what should i use?
so here’s the situation

theres a 3 scenes where’s the player will play the “game” , 1 for the “Questions” and for “Game over”

when the player choose the correct answer from first question the pts do not sent to the variable of the [Score] in the “Game” Scene which the score must be “1” now since the player got correct answer but it didnt change to “1”

instead it stays in “0” and if they gotagain to the “Question” and chooses the right answer the score goes “1” now

when they go “Game over” from choosing the wrong answer the pts was sent there so the text of score is “2” which in the “Game” scene the displayed score there is “1”

I am not sure how you are doing your point system.
Usually, it is no more than adding to a variable.

For example
Condition > Boolean(Question1) = True
Trigger Once
Actions > Variable(Points) + 1

*I recommend you show your events. I cannot really tell what could be wrong in text alone ^^

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oh my bad againnnn

i have 3 scene which
Game over

this what i did in the Scene [Start] so that the score will reset

This is for the [Game] scene where when a player choose A it should add 1 to the Score
and when they pick B and C they will be sent to game over (my game over was named as lOst)

this is for Game over scene,

I need the full code. The string object doesn’t actually help me understand why there is an additional point in the game over.
I would need to see how you are adding up your score.

Haha, you could’ve just sent another picture in chat rather than replace the first message XD.
This is a weird way of adding points :thinking:

I am assuming the A button here is always going to be the correct answer?
I recommend to move the addition of points to above the scene change.

But from a glance, I cannot tell you exactly what the issue is. Outside of switching the two actions, there could be something else in the event.

the problem im having is about when the in the first pts bcs it dont send it to the game scene text score it only the “1” in the score when the 2nd question is answered

in the game over scene the score there is correct

example when u ply it
got a correct answer in 3 numbers but in [Game] scene txtsScore it only shows 2

but when u lost in the game, the txtScore in [Game over] scene is “3”

okay i’ll try that, hope that works.

now the scores is fixed but new problem was born haha fc
the scoretxt in [game over] scene is adding +1 to the current score you got

If you want, I take a look at the game files and see what is causing what.

i find a solution, if the score in event is adding 1 then i made when the player send to the scene of game over the score automatically subtract 1,even i was shocked when it works hahaha

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