Scoring animation

is there a way to do a scoring animation from 0 to the final score like this?
Its from flappy bird btw.

i can think that you do a object digit with 11 animations each one with a Sprite from 0 to 9 and the 10th an animation looped of all sprites.
You set the sprite with 10th animation and after some time(using a timer) set to the animation with the correct value.
For a number with more than 1 digit you create some objects.
Maybe my idea its too comolicated

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I don’t know the exact way to implement it, since I’m also a rookie with the tool.
But the logic would be to show only a small percentage of the score and increase it until it maxes out.
You could have the text show as the “score.variable” divided by 100 then multiplied by a new variable that starts out as 0 when the animation starts and increases by 1 each tick until it maxes out at 100. This would make the shown score go from 1% to 100% in 100 frames, no matter how big or small the score is. You could adapt the numbers to make it count up faster or slower, like making the variable increase by 10 to have it only happen in 10 frames.


A text object would probably be easier to use and update with variables. Use a font to get the look you want and add shadow effects to the object so it can look more like an animated image.

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