Screen get dragged with object (both having draggable behaviour)

Im working on one game. Where I want to use screen dragged by pointer extension but my objects are also dragable. so while moving the objects toward the target position screen also get scrolled/dragged.
Please suggest how to stop screen scrolling/dragging during object dragging behaviour

Hey, I’m replying to your original post here:

In case you are using the drag camera with mouse example included with GDevelop, you can do the following:

  1. Add each draggable object to an Object group
  2. In DragCamera events, as the very first condition under Move camera add a NOT operator.
  3. Inside the NOT operator add the condition “Group” is being dragged condition, replace “Group” with the name of the group containing the draggable objects

In this case I have added each draggable object to an Object group called “Draggable” and this is how the event looks like:

Notice the very first condition at the top. This is all you have to add.
Hope it helps :+1:

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However, In case you are using the extension you need to do the same with the Object group and NOT operator, and add the condition when you call the Drag camera action.


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