Screen goes black when character is not moving

I made a platformer game and everything works smoothly until the player stops interacting with the game. The problem appears only on playable levels, on scenes where only movies play (intro, outro etc.) everything works fine. On playable levels, when the player stops moving the character or doing anything at all, the screen goes black, but the sounds an music still play, the player can still control the character (you can hear jumping and walking sounds), you just can’t see anything until you restart the game. The problem appears on Gdevelop preview and in exported game. I have no idea what causes this and help would be greatly appreciated!

I’ll start with the obvious - do you have any delete object commands, or hide objects? Do you move the camera’s position?

It’s tricky to help unless you can provide screen snips of your events, show a video of you paging through the events, or share the project.