Screen resolution and sprite "glitches"

I’m pretty new to GDevelop and I’m doing a beat em up alá Double Dragon to get my feet wet, I must say, everything is very logical and easy to understand! though, I am having issues in one area, and that is in the realm of resolution, as my game is based on nes I made the resolution 256x240. I have “smooth the image” set to off and Scale model set to nearest, that makes it crisp, but the sprites get screwed up sometimes, that being very blurry or the pixels change width.


Thank you for your responce. I have played with those settings and I could achieve 2 settings basically: Pixels being perfect, but everything is blurry, or pixels being wonky and crisp.

I’m afraid not, but I do appreciate the effort =)

Try this go to Resources and look if every sprite has smooth unchecked then on the right panel do right click remove unused images. Save your game close GD and Re opoen GD
Maybe that helps.