Screen Resolution to fit all mobile screens

I checked lots of topics and tutorials but there are no correct solution for this question…
When I run my portrait 720wx1280h game on my Samsung A50 mobile %30 of the screen is empty from bottom and top. When I choosed to auto resize height from properties %40 percent of the screen is empty on the bottom side.
How can I set my game to fit all the mobile screens? If I need to make different setting for every resolution what are the steps? Is there any option to make different resolution for different mobile devices?
Is there any answer tutorial etc. for this.
Thanks a lot

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The other posts that speak to this are pretty accurate. Unfortunately there isn’t one resolution to fit them all. For reference:


Okey I understant these solutions, thank you for answer but for example how can i implement second solution to gdevelop? Which event or property settings do i need to change? how will I make “game area will always display the same amount of game” thing.
Sorry for lots of questions but you need to explain “Gdevelop for dummies” version for me haha :smiley:

This will be in your game settings > properties panel. In the “Resolution and Rendering” section. Ensure “Update resolution” Is not checked, and then set the game resolution resize mode to your preferred method (width or height)

Not sure what you’re looking for as that is correct. As mentioned in the post, the middle option explicitly says it will keep the aspect ratio you choose, meaning black bars on the sides.