Scrolling text on object collision using yarn

So sorry if this is a really stupid question, I’m just starting with GDevelop and have tried every dialogue/yarn tutorial and can’t seem to work out where I have gone wrong.

So I’d like the player to collide with a box (which is set to opacity=0 in game) and then some scrolling text to appear inside a text box. I’ve setup a bitmaptext object and referenced it in the events but it isn’t registering the yarn text no matter what I try to change. Instead it just gets stuck like this (A on the screenshot provided).

I’d like each line from my yarn node to appear one after the other using the ‘f’ key to speed along the scrolling text and finally the same key to close the text box entirely and continue the game.

Can anyone help me understand what I’m overlooking/not seeing?

Here is the screenshot with hopefully all the info needed:

Thank you so much in advance <3

trigger only once when starting dialogue this is my best guess.

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Timers have to be started before they can exist for conditions. So this condition will never be true as you’re not starting “scrollText” anywhere else. I would add a start/reset timer action to your “Player is in collision with blah”.

Also, as mentioned above you’re going to want a trigger once condition in your “player is collision” event

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ohmygod thank you both so much, such a simple thing that I overlooked! This solved my issue perfectly <3