Search & replace should be able to find+replace internal logic

I I found a mistake I made, magic immunity dmg was not subtract but set to :frowning: mean I have to go through every spell (4) for every position (14) per player (2) 4x14x2. This could have been truly awful, if i found it much later.
I wish the search and replace function would work for internal stuff too, not just the selfwritten stuff :persevere:

For clarification,
I want to be able to search for:
Change the variable(x) set to 2
And replace it with
Change the variable(x) subtract 2

another example, to why this is needed:
imagine you have 900 events,
300 events that change X position add 10
300 events that change Y position add 10
300 events that change Opacity add 10
search and replace for 10 is useless here, if i want to replace only the 10 for the opacity.
so i need to be able to search Change Opacity add 10
and be able to replace it with Change Opacity add 20

another example:
maybe i have tons of events that create alot of different objects and i just want to search for those events (maybe to change the layer there created on).
i am unable to just search Create object.

this would require some kind of warning pop up, when the user trys to replace with a function, that does not exist/misspelled, that says
Error: could not find condition / action / operator.
Alternatively the condition/action/operators could be chosen via drop-down menu, to avoid wrong spelling.