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For the mobile version of my game (HTML5), I thought it would be fun to have it look like the old Game Boy by taking all the images and giving them a green tint. Currently I have two different URLs, each with the same game files but different set of images (one normal color, and the other a green tint version). The game has a landing page where users select either desktop, mobile, or mobile retro (what I’m calling the green tint version).

Instead of having to maintain separate URLs, is there a way within a single game to use images from another folder? Doing this with variable/sprite animations would be possible, but it nearly doubles the size of the game. In other words: use the color images as default, but if user selects “retro” mode use the green tint images.

I’ve also experimented with the layer effects, but it doesn’t allow for more finer custom control I’d prefer to have.

I know this is a long shot, but I thought someone might have some insight. I hope I’ve explained myself clearly.

Hi beanmatt:

If you are just looking to change the colour, you can do so by changing it in the action

Add Action → -> Sprite → Effects → Global Colour
Choose the object → For colour, click the grey box with the ‘?’ mark on the right side to choose the colour

Btw, to revert your colour to default, change colour to pure white (255,255,255)

Hope that helps

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If you want to do it outside GDevelop (no colour/layer effect, no variable/sprite animations), which I don’t recommend, I think you’re looking for help in Web development and you’re not on the best forum for that. GDevelop can send and receive Web requests, so maybe you can “serve” different files depending on the color mode selected inside GDevelop.

As far as “doubling the size of the game”, I don’t quite understand. The size is the same, whether the green tint files are located in a sub-folder or in another folder.