Select value from a list and remove it

How do I…

Use a list full of predetermined values, and as I use them, they are deleted from the list?

What is the expected result

I want the following to happen:

  1. A random value from the list is selected
  2. This x value is applied to a sprite (Set frame to x)
  3. This x value is deleted from the list so it can’t be selected again
  4. Repeat until stopped

What is the actual result

I just can’t figure out a way to do this. I tried using arrays, but I can’t seem to find the method to do it

Related screenshots

I hope I was clear, but if I wasn’t, here’s a demonstration using Scratch, maybe it demonstrates better what I want to do:

Any help is appreciated! Thanks for reading

Here’s an example with a button object named “button”. Each time the button is pressed it pick a number and adds it to the button label.

You can set up the array on the variable screen or through action.

This would add all of the numbers at once.

The array conditions and actions are under [other …] [variables] separated by scene and global