Selectable Custom Splash Screen: Progress Bar & GDevelop Logo

I see users come to discord and ask how to disable that loading screen with gdevelop logo when game starts

Well i do in fact want people to know i made my game with Gdevelop so they be more willing to try it out themselves
So i don’t want to remove that screen
What i would wish for is

  • Allow users to submit their concepts for it
  • Same for progress bar
  • Make it so we can select it one way or another in gdevelop (even from asset store)
    And i believe that would part way solve the issue
    Since ppl could design other logo variations same as progress bars which users would be more willing to use/choose
    For example if im making pixel art game i would wish to have that logo being kinda low res/pixelated same with progress bar
    And i would be more willing to use that one over what we have now instead of looking for a way to remove it

Even in game properties option to select from few would be a cool option to have


Just to clarify on this for anyone coming upon this thread, there are currently a few options on what to choose and change the background of today. It’s in the project manager > loading screen tab.

I definitely agree there should at least be a low resolution/retro pixel art style one, and having multiple loading bars would be nice.

I don’t know if the devs can take user submissions for options, since it ties in with the subscription in some way and that can run into weird content release agreements and such, but if it was possible that’d be rad.

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