Selecting objects during copy-paste operation

When performing a copy-paste operation, select the added objects for movement. Now it is not convenient: I selected several objects, copied-pasted, and again you need to select the added objects in order to move to the desired place.


You might try using the ctrl+click method for copying.

If you hold down ctrl when you click and drag on an object instance you are dragging will be a new instance.


Thank you. I’ll try :slight_smile:

In general I’d advise you to avoid copypasting as much as possible when laying out your levels.

Of course, you need to use it, but in general repeatedly copypasting groups of objects, in my experience, sort of overloads the editor, you might very well end up with the editor hanging up when trying to save your project and losing work as a result.

If you use copypasting a lot, please remember to save often and make backups of your game project.

Double for the “undo” feature, they seem to introduce some sort of instability.