Send data to dreamlo

Here is the thing. I want to make a small online leaderboard. I am trying to use Dreamlo. It says that I have to add a entry by url. But how do I implement this into Gdevelop, because if I open a url through Gdevelop, it will expose my private dreamlo link. Is there any other way yo send data to dreamlo?

Should I use send a request to webpage and use the post method? If so, what are the other parameters?

Whatever you do if you send data to a server there is no way to prevent users from sniffing the data and resending the packet again. You shouldn’t worry for your game. If it does become big enough to have cheaters problems you should have enough resources to make your own backend and get a moderator team to verify entries.

Will the Firebase Extension have an easy leaderboard option in the future?
A few months ago I was already thinking about if we should have a simple script that everyone can upload to their web server to make it possible to have a simple leaderboard without accounts. Like the old arcade machines.
Because it is very useful for a little bit of interaction with the world and a frequently requested feature. Not everyone should have to tinker their own solution. I think it doesn’t have to be 100% hacking safe. That shouldn’t be the reason why many other but GD games can’t have a leaderboard.
I did this a few years ago for a memory game, with a little bit ajax, php and mysql. I’m too bad to do it for us, but I’m very sure it’s super easy for GD developers.

This would be a bit out is scope. You are welcome to try and make one using event based extensions using firebase database actions once the extension is publicly available :wink: