Send posts/chats to serverside to be received and displayed as a post on clientside

How can I do this?

I watched the tutorial on multiplayer games, however it only shows you how to do P2P connections, and not how to just send message to decode them or to read them and display it in the feed. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

[NOTE] I am able to make a GUI on my own, I just need help with the connections.

To clarify, do you want to send a message that’s held on the server and ‘collected’ by a client once it connects? The GDevelop P2P won’t do it, but you could store the information in a database that the client checks when it starts up. If this is what you’re after, look at using Firebase.

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The first thing you mentioned is what I am looking for, which you stated won’t work, unfortunately. Thank you for your response.