Sending app to Google Playstore with Admob

I will send my game soon to playstore and it is integrated with Admob. However, my current admob app(the one I am using to serve ads on my game) is marked as an app not published to Playstore. Admob blocks artificial served ads, so I am afraid that when my game hits Playstore after I remove the test mode, Admob thinks that I am using some trick and blocks me out. So, what should I do?
(And there is another one: Does playstore allows you to change the “Contains ads” option after the game is already there?).

What I did is to set the app in dev in PlayStore until my Admob campaign was approbed to live mode, then run some test on various devices and finally publish the app to live

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So, I must set my admob app as live mode and then I can release the game without test mode?

Sure you can do that, but is a recomedation from Google Play to test your game before you go live, just add yourself as Tester in the Google Play Console, get the game in your device and test if the game and Admob works properly if all is ok, then set your app in production.

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But is possible to change the option related to the app having ads? like, changing it after the game is published.
And if I choose to test it, the test version of admob should be on or off?

The thing is if your game has Admob added the call from the game are executed as you config in the game, so if you later turn off Admob from your Google account those ads calls are going to fail, I don’t know if this will work. I never did such a thing.

In my game AdMob is set up to display ads always so when any user installs the game and run Admob start and display the ads.

Sure there is a way to check is Admob is live or test mode but I’m afraid that I have not the knowledge to point you in the right direction, because I never tested like that.

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