Separate consecutive events from each other

How do I… separate consecutive events from each other?

I have this scene where every time the button is clicked, a message appears and the variable Team1_Action decreases by 1 (starting from 5).
I have two events that trigger when the variable Team1_Action is equal to 3 or 2: when this happens, a second message should appear and disappear after 1 second, but this never happens.
Why is that?


Add trigger once, to the second event.

Tried using Trigger Once, but in this way the message appears (and disappears correctly) only in the first case (Team1_Action=3), while in the second case it doesn’t work at all (message not showing up)…

Okay, I’m not sure to understand the logic of the first subevent (why it’s not inside the main event right after “Show NewText2”?) but it works!
I’ll try some other examples to grasp better the logical consequences!

Thank you very much!

Because if you wait 1 second in the main-event it would delay the sub-event aswell.