Separate pieces of one object

I have a huge request with the prefabs… I want to make a game where you have to break pieces off a wall, like teardown, but in 2d. So here goes… Do I really need to separately create each piece of wall separately… There will be thousands of them… Maybe there’s be another way to realise my idea?

This is the moment when you want to get familiar with

Now what you can do is simply copy paste your breakable wall objects
Just like you would copy paste pieces of image
Or copy paste files in a folder to make duplicates

And depending on your position you would load only pieces player can actually see
Kinda like chunk system

YET do not ask me how to make it cause i only know how to save and load them
I did not try or have any clever idea how to load only ones that are in some kind of distance from your player

BUT that someone else may answer
And when you get all that
You will be able to have tons of tons on tons of objects which you dynamically create and destroy with saving and loading

There’s an extension that can slice objects, it might help you with this.

ObjectSlicer extension
ObjectSlicer game example