Separate Piskel Launch

Separate shortcut to launch Piskel

Piskel is not a part of GDevelop, but a full independent editor. The integration is only here for making getting started easy, GDevelop is not intending to make a separate distribution of that editor. If you want to just use Piskel, download their official desktop app instead.

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I understand that this is an independent program, but it is included in the GDevelop distribution. So why not create a separate shortcut to a submodule or an appropriate item in the main menu?
I think it will be more convenient this way…

I understand your point, but the way the integration is done is very dependent of GDevelop, we cannot have it open without opening GDevelop. It’s not much more difficult to open GDevelop, click on the animation you want to edit and do the edits than opening piskel and GDevelop through a separate shortcut, select a file and do the edit. From my perspective, it would just be a pain to implement for not much benefit. Besides, I personally find it really annoying when an application makes multiple shortcuts, as I value my desktop space and like to have stuff centralized.

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Good. Thank you :slight_smile:
Close the topic, please.