Separate without moving object away? [solved]

so i have two blocks that are draggable, i want them to separate on colission but not move. with the current events block one moves when in collision with 2 but not vice versa. it feels like both blocks have different masses due to the push. is there any way to solve this isssue?

Have you tried a double “move object away”? One with “only obj1 will move” and another with “only obj2 will move”?
Anyway, if you want to separate blocks, one of them has to move.
Can you be more specific about the outcome you expect?

well i was gonna reply that it didnt work (and write a more specific description) but i found a solution. when “cube1” is being dragged and there is a collision with “cube2” then separate and move “cube2” away and vice versa. and to make sure that they dont overlap when they arent being dragged, i added the condition being dragged invert and separate(i dosent matter here which one moves away). this solution wasnt what i originally intended but it works just fine(it is important since the game is isometric). thanks for the reply :blush:

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