Sequencer / Simple quick inbuilt animation tool?

Cinematic event with timeline, great for presenting storyline for instance. Can do basic animations with key frames. Basic way to put audio, text and image to create a story.

Currently you could do it by importing movie file, but movie files are big and can look bad due to compression.

well you could do something like this with making the animation with events

Suuure. But not really, especially if you try to animate more than 1-2 elements. Nothing can beat real key-frames in story telling.


In game dev this would sometimes be called a timeline editor.

There are no active plans, but there are existing open feature requests for this here, including potential tools that could be implemented for it: Animation / timeline tool

Because this is an existing request, I am going to close out this thread, but in the interim keep in mind you can still do this concept (movement/sound/etc happening on a shared timeline) via events with a single scene timer and having events only activate after a certain amount of time has passed

Definitely not as easy as if there was a visual intertace for it, but you can do it today.