Set a Password for a game

Is there a way to set a password for the game? only if correct password is entered the game will open?

Sure :slight_smile: just make the first scene a text entry with all the necessary UI, and if the text of the text entry = the password, switch to the real first scene of the game.

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Thanks it worked out pretty well

This is an old movie, Now there is no ( password. String()) in the new version. and this man is not good with me, I cannot always understand him, The defect sure off me, Is there any other movie?

The Text entry object has been replaced by Text input and is now easy to use.

Thank you, but I want the student to set the password himself, and then let me know it, so that I can continue his homework by entering it to find out what result he achieved.
Note that I made the exercise have a feature to save the grades the student gets.