Set Grid default Size

It would be great if you could set the default grid size. I’m often using the grid on GD, but on every new scene and everytime I close and re-open scenes, I have to go and set the grid size again. It would be great if there was an option to set default grid size to (x,y).

Yup, same here. Default is 32x32 and for Candy Man Saga I am using 64x64 grid.

Also, on a unrelated note, grid color should be calculated by xoring grid with color underneath, so grid will be visible at all times (unless hidden) despite background, or sprites under it.

Totally agree; I think it should be a function implemented in the GameSettings> Properties> window so that you can choose the grid size as well as height and width at the beginning of the project.
To date anyway, the fact that it does not save the grid settings (when modified), I think it is more an issue than a function to be added.

Congratulations Dr.! You’ve resurrected this 5 years old post!, the next challenge is to summon back Orochi to our dimension :laughing:

Jokes aside, first, yeah, this is a very old topic, better open a new one. And second, true, GD still hasn’t a default grid size configurable per-project, it’s in the roadmap: :slight_smile:

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Until this is implemented, you can achieve the same thing by editing game.json manually. See: … -450513684