Set up a json save file

i need help with properly setting up the saving of values into a json file…pls sent help! ~edgar

You should try Storage and Parse JSON to a variable
Storage GDevelop 5
Parse JSON GDevelop 5

i just need to save scene-variables into a json so i can read them out later. but since its only on pc i just wanna have it in a editible json file instead of the storage component…u get me? i dont really understandd the parse json example tbh

If the case ifs for you to save in a file look here GDevelop 5, you may need to create a directory to save/load the file.json, but this only will work on filesystems. When I start my last game i try to make this in Windows but i quickly change to Storage is more consistent for my projects.
Hope this help.
Some pics

In this case i use JSON to savegame.sav just a silly thing really if you rename the savegame.sav to savegame.json there is it all the stored data as a JSON

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yeah i got on the right track thanks alot man! ^^

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Hello, I know this an old thread but every time I close the game and reopen it it does not load my JSON file. @UlisesFreitas I’ve been working on this for several days and cant get it working. any help would mean a lot! :slight_smile: @TheCrazyEd

Hi please share some screenshots so we can see your events.

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To answer your call for help, ensure all the names (parameters, variables) are the correct - GDevelop is case sensitive. If that’s not the problem, start a new post.

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Thanks all.