Setting a dialogue box's position to an objects postion

I am trying to create a context menu that will popup buttons around an object. but I am having trouble getting the position right

I checked the x position and y position of the object and of the dialog box via the debugger screen and they have the exact same x and y position but are in two different locations in the game - from some testing it seems the dialog layer uses the windows position and the base layer uses the games position (please correct me if I am wrong here) so the real question is how does one convert between the two?

Can you show me your related event and result image? Maybe I can figure out.

first image is the position of the tree, second image is the position of the dialog box, third image is where they both are in the world. Further testing shows the dialog boxes also move around with the camera. I tried setting the dialogue boxes to the base layer but then they look like crap (blurry text, odd boarders ect) but they are in the correct position when i do that.

one somewhat awkward solution I have found is to use the CursorX(layer, camera) function and then to move the dialogue box’s to based of that rather than the object its self but this is not ideal

Hmm, I think you could use the solution under that image where you create the dialogue boxes on base layer, I also did the same with my old game

For the blurry text have you check the image property yet?

Be sure to not applying the smooth image.

For the odd borders I’m not sure how odd they are but these settings may fix that

Sorry for my late reply I didn’t see the notification.

I also found a way that may help with your odd thing here:
Uncheck the box here, I hope it will work.