Setting an In-game Name

Hi, I’m a beginner dev drafting out a little app game but I’m having trouble with this issue.

How do I create a text input box that saves whatever you type in and applies it in other scenes?

My goal is to allow the player to type in a name in the Input Name box and have that name carry over and appear in other scenes.

For example, I want the inputted name to appear at the top of this scene, where it says “Name”:

I barely have a clue where to begin, I’ve mostly been messing around to see what works and watching a few video tutorials but I haven’t come across a solution.

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve managed to get the Text Entry object working, in that typing text works in-game, but the text is erased when I enter another scene and back. (Ideally the Text Entry wouldn’t even work until I press the little pencil button to the right of the Input Name box, though I haven’t figured that out either)

Hopefully someone can help!

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Yesss, Text Entry is the way to go, to write some text in-game. But also you would have to save that input text into Global variable, so that you can use it in multiple scenes, no matter which one is open currently. Search for Saving Text into Variable, or tutorials like Save-Load …


Global variable. Saving it in a scene variable clears it out when the scene changes.


Ah yes, my bad. Global Variable then

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