Setting points separately for each frame of animation

I’d like to be able to set points (Origin, center, etc.) separately for each frame of animation.

Use causes:

  • Let say you have some animated sprite where frames aren’t exact same size. But you want to put origin at center. The only really viable solution would be setting point separately for each frame.

  • Let say your game character waggles gun when he moves. You don’t want “BulletSpawnPnt” to be in same position in each frame, since when “wrong” frame is shown bullets may spawn under or over the gun.

  • Yet another example, similar to above. You have character that can pickup various guns which then are strapped to his “body”. Of course gun that isn’t “waggling” and is at constant position relative to player looks kinda lame. So instead of coding some weird algorithm that would keep player character’s hand and gun “in sync”, the better solution would be to set separate point position for each frame of animation.

This is already fully supported! :smiley:
Just toggle off the 3rd button of the toolbar shown in the “Points” panel (the tooltip should show a small explanation).

Hm… Ah, didn’t realized. Had vague clue about that, but “Pane Caption” bug got in the way and because of it buttons don’t show tooltips.