Setting to turn off Discord activity on gdev

Can you please add a settings to make gdevelop not appear on discord activity, its honestly a bad idea cause it even dares to say what project youre working on which could (did) leak a lot of things you dont want the public to see !!!

I moved this to feature request

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ah, okay, i put it in general because there wasnt one about features that already exist, but that works too

Hello @DesmonDev!
Thank you for your comment.
The reason why you’re requesting this feature made me think that I’ve seen that companies and studios working on big games or films usually use “code names” for the big projects they’re working on exactly for this reason. I think I saw this specifically on a “making of” Pixar movie in which they reveal the code name for a known film.
That would be an immediate way to protect your projects from the eyes of other Discord users. :slight_smile: