Setting Variabel to Speed


I am trying to set a variable to the speed of my character. So that I can use lerp, to move the camera more left or right depending on their speed. My plan being to set the “B” position of lerp to the variable, which would change depending on speed.

The problem I am having, is that when I try to set the variable to the speed, it says my MC does not have that behavior. Just wondering what I am missing. Thank you for any input

Is this your player?
Cause if not then there is your problem

This is my player yes. This was the first game I made, so when I started, I named them stand_in, because I thought I would have to replace the object at some point when we had a finalized version. By the time I had realized I could just change the animations, I had already coded for “Stand_in” so much, it wasnt worth changing it.

So what is MC?

Main Character, which is “Stand_in”

And how did you open this window? i never seen it before

so when I go to change a “scene variable” (in this case “speed”), to the right of “value” is the blue box that helps you find things, and I typed “speed” into it, this is what came up “speed of the object”

You are trying to modify scene variable
Yet you try to do something to object which is related to behavior which your object does not have

Try this

OMG you did this


1 here you put name of your variable
2 here you put some value

nothing more is needed

Wait OMG i think i know what you want
Now better? (Chibi is name of my player object)

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Ah HA! that last one is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much!!

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You most likely clicked on top down behavior which your player do not have instead of platformer

And so the result

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ohhhh, That makes sense. I thought it was a catch all for platformers/topdown. Good to know for the future!