Several Issues with A Game I am Developing[Platformer]

Hey guys, I am currently developing a Android (Mobile) platformer game, I have been learning gdevelop for the past few months, i encountered a few problems just before i can wrap up.

  1. How do I set full screen in mobile as the game size i am currently developing is 1920x1080, the fullscreen and window size command doesn’t work as it cannot be scaled/stretch to full screen. There are blanks to the right side of the phone that have a screen resolution. So the whole game is basically lean one sided to the left horizontally. I seen many post are discussing about the issue but none of those works for my situation.

  2. Scene/ObjectTimer do not work as i needed them to, What i want to do is after the user touch the start button, the button do the animation after 1 sec, only it will load the level 1. For now i will have to touch the button 2 times in order for it to proceed to level 1.

  3. How to allow music to continue plays when i switch from one scene to another?

  4. Is there anyway to do like users pay XX amount of money in game and the ads will be removed?

Really appreciate for someone who can help with these problems, i believe a lot of the new users are having these problems too. Hope that experts or someone who knows the solution to these problems can help the community.

1 - How it looks?, because GD has some options to scale/resize the game stretching the graphics or keeping the aspect ratio changing the camera size (Project settings >> Change camera size to fit…).

2 - Object names and timers names are not related. A way to achieve this is: When the user touch the button reset a timer “start”, and in other event when timer “start” is greater that 1 second change scene.

[code]Conditions: Cursor is over Start
Actions: Reset timer “start”

Conditions: Value of timer “start” is greater than 1 seconds
Actions: Change for scene “Level 1”[/code]

3 - Each scene has this property, edit the scene you want the music to not stop, right click on the background and select Scene Properties (or something like that), the option is there :slight_smile:

4 - GD doesn’t support in-app purchases, and I guess it’s a bit too complex to do right now :confused:

Thanks for your reply Lizard-13. Really had been a saving to me.

  1. Well in the project properties, I somehow made it work by doing the no changes to the game size, Still not sure whether it will be scaled up if going from 1920x 1080 to higher resolution or not. But one thing to clarify, does the fullscreen and changing screen size command doesn’t work at all for the mobile?

  2. Thanks a lot! that fixed my issue!

  3. Thanks a lot! that fixed my issue!

  4. Too bad, but at least interstitial admob currently works okay right?

1 - It’s hard to explain, GD should be able to scale up or down to any resolution, but how it will look depends on the combination of the project original size, the fullscreen action (stretch: yes/no), change camera size to fit width/height/no changes.
So… yes, GD can resize just fine (with the right options combination), the only problem is that you may want to touch some JavaScript in case you want a super-perfect pixel art style

4 - AdMob object is currently broken but has been already replaced by a new AdMob extension that supports Banners, Interstitials and Reward Video ads, it will be available in the next beta, hope it works fine! :smiley:

  1. Will try to work with the combination. Thanks a lot for the tips :slight_smile:

  2. Nice, Do you know when will be the beta release? :slight_smile:

Lizard-13 You had been a great help :slight_smile:

Soon, just some days.