Shaders for gdevelop

Hey I was Wondering if gdevelop has any extensions that will let me give objects a thick black outline. Just so I can apply it to all objects in the scene and make them look the same.

I assume you mean cell shading. (assuming you’re making a 3D Game=
As far as I know there doesn’t seem to be any sort of shaders avaliable for GDevelop )':
I’m not sure how one would do so but maybe you can try making pseudo-cell shading on the 3D model itself?
idk how nor if it’s possible but worth a shot.

Hi, if you want to make an outline for 2D objects, you can use ‘outline’ in the layer effects.

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Ohh okay thanks. I will give that a try
But does it slow down gameplay

You have to try and see. Effects can have a negative impact on performance. If this is the case, you could just add the outline to your sprites before importing them into the engine.

Okay thanks, it doesn’t slow down the game too much

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