Shadows and opacity white

Issue with shadows and opacity

There is a problem observed when using a partially transparent sprite with dark or black opacity. The transparent parts of the sprite appear to be inverted. Here’s a visual representation of the issue:

What it looks like:


What it is supposed to look like:


↑ This never used to be an issue in earlier versions of the game as you can see

I’ve tried an older version of gdevelop, and it worked correctly. However, even after exporting to see if the issue was only present as a visual bug in the editor, the issue persisted.

Just wondering if anyone knows a fix to this issue

Hi Marmalade :tangerine:

I tested this in 5.2.166 with a multi colour sprite with edges of 56% opacity with eight different colours and as you can see, they all worked as expected. Do you have any effects on your player that might be causing that light coloured glow?

Yeah, I looked into that and there aren’t any effects on the player or the layer. On top of that, when I opened the same project in an earlier version of gdevelop (clearly 3d elements didn’t work), the shadow worked fine. I think either I’m missing something really obvious or it’s merely a bug in the gdevelop version :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for your response though

Edit: I managed to fix it switching to a different layer, despite there being no effects on either. Just happy it’s fixed.