Shake Camera - extenstion

I’m trying to use the camera shake extension, but it seems to be missing settings.
Everywhere I check I see I should be able to specify what layer should be affected and the magnitude of the shaking, but my extension has only these three fields:

What am I missing?

You are trying to do something the way that you want it to be done instead of checking how it should be done

I have been checking how it should be done and I have not found good instructions.

Your screenshot shows that you have more came shake actions than I do.

I don’t know what needs to be done to have these actions.

You have put “camera” in the search area so you are being displayed all actions with the word camera in its name (and possibly camera as a tag for the extension) the action you’re looking for called “shakeable layer” and whilst it probably does have the “camera” tag it might be pretty far down the searchable list (or hidden) due to the number of actions with the word camera.

What ZeroX4 has done is instead of using the search option, they have manually located the Camera Shake extension actions to view all available options.
Try opening up your actions again, scrolling down until you see the “camera shake” and you should be able to expand that category to see all the options.

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No i did not
That is dumbest thing to do in my eyes
Instead of looking for it manually i double clicked existing action from my event and this is what i saw
Of course if i had none action of camera shake i would use search bar to find ANY action and add it even blank
Now i could just double click it to check what actions are available to me next to it

I do not have more i have exact as much as you and as much as any1 else

Your problem is you either expected to find action with tons of empty fields to fill
Where configuration is split into different action
And you could deduce that watching tutorials or even googling it
And to be far we all made same this mistake at some point
Because we assumed something in gdevelop to work this way while it was made to work other way

Best example
Everyone using gdevelop at some point was looking for actions in conditions and vice-versa
I for sure did

So lesson for today look for correct way
Instead of believing something is not there

Thank you @BigChalkGames, that’s very helpful!

@ZeroX4, making assumptions about what I was trying to do and what my problem was and pointing out others’ mistakes is not very helpful. If your intention is to help others then giving an answer that provides clear instructions and helps find a solution would be much more welcome. Hopefully you’ll take that as your lesson.

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Perhaps next time instead of just telling someone they are doing it “wrong” you could go into more depth on how you achieved what you are showing, otherwise you’re just leaving what you have showed opened to interpretation.

I am sure that would be a much nicer and more productive approach then being a condescending ass hat to someone who may be either new to the software or extensions.

I am glad I could help. Regardless of what Zero said, using the action list is a totally viable way to find the action you’re looking for.


Your question from your OP

My answer

I would say i answered your question exactly
Which was “what you are missing”
And not how to show something you don’t see
So only thing i assumed here is your knowledge and not what you are trying to do

Sorry but no one here can read minds
We need to assume ppl coming here have some knowledge
BUT if that is not the case they simply ask more in depth question or simply ask on clarification on how to do something
And i never seen any1 including me have any problem explaining it

So i would more helpful would be to learn to ask proper question
And not expect for others to guess what you mean

Hopefully you’ll take that as your lesson.

OP literally asked what is he doing wrong
And i answered exactly that

Sorry i don’t read minds i can’t guess what post author have in mind other than that what was written in text

We come here and we need to assume users have some knowledge
I am sometimes instructing ppl that are here for over 3 years or more
How to do stuff that someone after 1 month with gdevelop should know

And there is no shame in that
So there is no SET bar for what knowledge any1 have we can only guess that
And never i have seen any1 even try to argue that like you right now

I can spam you with posts where ppl ask for example how to make save HP between scenes or EXP
And answer is
USE global variables

Not how to make them not in depth explanation with screenshot where to click to find global variables
But just simple “use global variables”
So you should go now find all that kind of posts and write same exact words to ppl who answer assuming OP have some knowledge
That they should be giving in depth explanation of each action that should be taken to achieve something
Like you know just to be fair

I read your summary and mines of our profiles and i hardly can take serious any tip you are trying to provide me with here

Stay here a little longer and then we can have serious conversation

Because right now you did exactly what i did to OP
You judged me from ONE SINGLE post
But i am happy we are guilty of same sin

I also cannot read minds and this does not explain much:

But there is no point arguing.
If you believe your approach is correct, then I won’t be able to rely on your replies much.

I just think that pointing out what someone has done wrong rather than showing how to do it right, is not be best way to go. That is all.

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He sure did. Would have been great if you explained what they were doing wrong.

Normally when you’re not sure what someone is asking you can ask them to elaborate.

Why would you assume that? No where in this section does it advise you need to have some predetermined amount of knowledge before asking a questions.
“Ask questions to get help using GDevelop and about game development in general.”


Helping someone isn’t always about the answer, some times you need to explain how you came to that answer so they are able to learn.

Sounds like I have hit a nerve if you’re going through my profile and comparing time here. Just so we’re on the same page , this is a new account that was made in the last couple of weeks. My previous account has been active since 2019. (During that time I have been part of multiple jams, projects, collaboration (music band/label) and a kickstarter).

But please, can you let me know how much longer I should wait before I am at your level for a conversation?

Nah, you were a condescending ass hat to OP. I just called you out on it. Not even in the same league mate.
If I wanted to judge you I’d do something petty like check out profile, compare sign up times, maybe even check what topics you have made.

Good luck with future endeavors!