Shake device [Motion]

Hey all,

How to make conditions to react to shaking a device using, (So up>down>up>down)

I now have this setup. But its reacting inmiditaly and with little movement.
In this scene it’s 0.2 m/s but in another 1.2 m/s but with almost same effect.

So how can i make this, when is shake the device “up>down>up>down” then there is an instant force.
And what should the value in m/s2 be?

Thanks in advance,

Does anybody know how to make conditions for shaking a device?
This is one of the last steps of my game. But i can’t figure out how to do it.

I tried this and many other configs. The events in the screen,
had <<-0.5 and 0.5 >> acceleration Y. But also this doesnt work and just moves without movement.

Also tried it with 1 and 1.2 but those had the same effect.

Can somebody explain the m/s? Maybe thats the problem.

Not a solution, but maybe a way to figure it out:

Create a new project, and put in an event action to write the acceleration along each axis out (say to a text window or to storage) every frame. Then analyse the results and figure out the limits.