Share a game ONLY with a friend?

I want to make a co-op game for just me and my friend using p2p. But from what I’ve read from other gdevelop users it’s EXTREMELY limited and even if you get it to work it’s still very laggy even with a good internet connection. Is there a way to share the actual game itself with my friend and play it co-op or am I just outta luck?

I am unsure whether the question is whether a game can be accessible only to you and your friend, or if it is about the usability of p2p. Either way:

If you want to share your game with just a friend, just… do that. As long as you don’t share the game with anyone else there is no reason anyone should be able to access it.

P2P is neither limited nor laggy, it is low level. That means that it doesn’t do much for you, which is by design: it is not a magical multiplayer extension, it is purely networking. That means that many matters of implementing multiplayer is left to you, such as:

  • What data do you transmit?
  • At what intervals and occasions do you transmit that data?
  • How to format the data to send?
  • How to use the data from the other client effectively?
  • How to verify the trustworthiness of the data? (though if it is just between you and a friend there is not really a need for that)


If not done right, you can end up with a laggy mess, but it is entirely possible to make a multiplayer game.

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