Share scenes


A friend and I are making a game (our first game) and we’ve been looking for a way to share scenes between us, because we are doing different things in different projects and we want to put everything together. So the question is, is there any way to save only one scene and share it with another person and that person put it in his project?

Hey, i guess yes, since you are able to copy/paste scene, or eventually doing the same with external event.

I usually use copy/paste of scene to make tests and backup datas when my ideas are failling.

Make a test, it depends on the level of complexity of the project, you might have more difficulty to share images library and other external ressources… Maybe using dropbox or similar cloud tool can help, but if you try make it cautiously.

There is also a feature to save your project split up into single files instead of everything into your Project.gdp.
If you are using a version controll software like git this would also be helpful.

Thank you very much!!
I’ll try both options and see wich one is more convinient.