Shooting a basketball

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How do I…

Hi, I was trying to make a Top-Down basketball game with GDevelop and I have some trouble creating the shooting mechanic. I tried many tutorials, I used Physycs 2.0, added forces and a lot more but I can’t get it correctly. Also I wanted to make a random feature that makes you randomly fail or make the shot.

What is the expected result

Make the shooting work correctly and with a realistic trajectory towards the bucket.

What is the actual result

I create the basketball object at a specific point of the player, and then add a force to it that makes it move towards an angle. Then after 0.5 seconds I turn on the Physics 2.0 but it works only the first time I press the button for shooting; if I press the button again the ball is still created on the correct point and goes down because of the Physics, but the force doesn’t work.

Related screenshots

This is a video showing the problem:

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