Shooting tutorial, pauses in compiled game

Hi, I followed the beginner tutorial here: … rtutorial2 and during preview of the game everything worked fine. Then I compiled it for my native platform (Win 7) with options of creating one file and with optimization, but when I ran it every time bullet hit an enemy the program pauses for about a second. During preview there were no such pauses. What is wrong with my compiled game?

Can you upload your game file with your post? There is an upload attachment button you can upload a .zip of your game with.

Here is a link to files (GD project and windows file): … sp=sharing
(Can not see upload button.)

Can you tae a screen shot of your code and post it? Down at the botton of the reply to a post window, click on the upload attachment tab. Then browse for the Screen shot, then click Add file. Once its added, click on the Add inline button.

I think I know what your problem may be. I just fixed it on my own game. BUt i ned to see your file before I can say for certain.
My best guess:

Example: Your fire key is Space Bar. You also have spacebar set to activate another function in the say page(level) of code.

Here is the project: (2.86 KB)
Here is the screenshot:

During the preview everything runs OK. After compiling, the game pauses every time when a bullet hits the first enemy in a row.