Shooting with multiple bullets


I’m trying to make a shooter that fires multiple bullets in different directions simultaneously. If I use the same bullet-sprite for all bullets, i cant apply forces in multiple directions. And if use different bullet-sprites, i would have to write a massive amount of collision-events.

Is it possible to group sprites so that they can be handled as a single sprite in collision-events?
If the same event creates multiple events, can i address one force to one of them and another to another?


You can, the created object is the target of next actions in the event. To keep the things clear, separate each bullet in a sub-event:

If the bullets follow a lineal relation, you can easily handle it with a “Repeat” event (useful when you have many bullets):

By the way you can create groups too :smiley:
Under the objects list, you have the groups list. If you put many bullet objects in a big group “Bullets”, and detect collision with the group, of course it detects collisions with every object in the group :wink: