Short FPS drops // but only appear once when object enters stage or event is executed


my game lags for a short time when events are executed for the first time or when new objects enter the screen for the first time. But after lagging once no lag appears again and the game runs constantly smooth - so it must be due to a kind of initializing or cache issue?!

In my understanding, it cannot be due to my code, since the lagging does not appear afterwards and I followed some performance tips (mostly trigger once, collision timer, external events that are only executed in certain conditions, small images). I also turned off almost all elements of my game to isolate the problem.

I’ve already read in the forum that it can help to place objects at the start of the scene in order to initialize them right at the beginning.
With sound effects I have for example. made this experience. as soon as I play the sounds once at the start, the lag related to them seems to have disappeared.

So can someone tell me more precisely which data is preloaded and where it makes sense to preload things manually? Or are there any known issues with such frame drops (probably hardware related)?

Regarding fps drops, I also read something about 144hz monitors or fps settings (I set: 60min, 0max). is there anything to consider here? I’ve tried a lot and haven’t found a solution.

THANKS in advance!