Shortcut to toggle event as sub event

A simple shortcut to toggle event when selected between being sub event and not for event above it

Would that be possible?

For example

Imagine i press Z and bottom event block is selected
And now it becomes sub event of the above event

If i press that Z key again it goes back to state it was on 1st screenshot
As simple as that

BUT to be clear
In situation we see on screenshot below i don’t know what should be logical/proper solution to which event bottom event should become sub event

Should it switch to sub event to 1st event under that bottom event is?
Should it switch to sub event for 1st event depending on tree structure it is under?

IDK what would be possible and which would make more sense
But for me both solutions would be ok

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Cant you already drag the left tip of the event (the rectangle thing) and drag it already?

Or maybe you already know that but wants a shorcut anyways… Who knows.

Well i know you can drag them
That’s why i want hotkey for it

And after i started using hotkeys i am all filled with ideas that would streamline dev process

For example imagine having favorite actions/coniditons

Imagine being able to add conditions and/or actions to favorite list which would be displayed on top of their respective list

Imagine having trigger once always on top when you click add coniditon
Wouldn’t that be helpful?