Shorten numbers like 1000000 to 1M, 1B, 1T, etc

I’m currently making a idle-clicker game and one issue is when you click so much (ex: click a million times) or leave it sitting for upgrades to do the hard work for you, the clicks display gets huge saying “1,000,000,000 Clicks” (added the , to make it readable).

I’m aware this question has been answered like 5 times now but there’s one issue with all of them:

1: Old and doesn’t work.
2: Super complex and breaks the idle-clicker game. (ex:
3: Does nothing at all.
4: Removes the “Clicks” thing at the end of the click display

All I am basically looking for is something that shortens the numbers without removing “Clicks”, and not being super complex.

(By the way, the entire idle-clicker game I’m making is from the “How to make a cookie clicker game” tutorial.)

Something like this?

As soon as I reach 1,000,000 it starts going crazy and choosing a random number to put every millisecond.
Example of what’s happening: Goes from 100M to 712M to 512M, and so on.
But it did add the M atleast (but removed the “Clicks”)

Sounds like your events are not correct. You’ll have to include a screen shot of your events if you want help fixing it.

Just fixed it, all I had to do was: ToString(trunc(GlobalVariable(Tacos)/100)/10) + “k Tacos”

and the same with millions, billions, trillions, and so on. Thanks for trying to help tho!