Shorter ID's in P2P

Hello! I’ll cut to the chase here. I want to be able to shorten ID’s in a Local Multiplayer. For now, most IDs look something like this: fa21fb75-24e1-4799-916c-0e5fcee063a3. Now, in my game, you are greeted with a screen where you can copy your ID, paste an ID and connect with an ID (also the game generates an ID for you).

But the problem is I don’t have enough knowledge to simplify IDs to look something like “Q3D45” (basically like Among Us’ room codes). I know there are several posts about this subject, yet I can’t find a solution. From my research, I know that:

You can use a custom broker server to customize IDs, from there I get to this piece of code, but nobody knows how to make it work:

Then I also stumbled upon this: Clipboard functions not working in online html games - #9 by LeakySafe, and I quote: “You can store a long ID in firebase together with a short room name, or short representative code. Just like you would store a high score. Users can get the long ID code through Firebase without needing to copy paste anything.”

Nobody replied how to and I was just going to ask there, but I already posted in another (old) article and nobody responded, so I just figured to post everything here and gather the information.

I thought this could be useful, and if anyone needs details about my game or something about how in functions I would love to explain, but I need to solve this problem. And I think some other people do too. Thanks!

If you don’t know how to use Firebase, you’ll find various tutorials and examples for that. :+1:

But I don’t know if it’s in FireBase’s basic functions to do this, or if I’d had to go into a more obscure, detailed tutorial of it. I don’t even know how enough it works or what it does to ask about it. Can you recommend any specific tutorials?

Alright so I know what FireBase is and does thanks a tutorial. I’ve been following the Leadeboard tutorial (GDevelop Online Leaderboard Tutorial - YouTube) to know a little bit about FireBase, but I don’t think I want (or need) to add a collection, and from that point on the tutorial is dedicated to the Leaderboard. So I know a little bit about FireBase and theoretically have it implemented in my project, but I don’t know how to use it to shorten the IDs. That part is still an enigma. Could you help me with that?

PD: I pasted the “apiKey”, “authDomain” and those parameters in the FB section of setting of the project, that’s what I mean by “implemented”.

Thanks in advance!

From the little I understand of it, Firebase offers two storage modes, you’ll have to choose one.

I think you’ll need to know more than “a little bit” about Firebase (and GDevelop, of course) before proceeding with advanced stuff like that.

Good luck either way.

Okay, I spent a few hours digging around but hit a dead-end. I’m sure it’s possible but just really hard. Then I remembered this post Any ways to make the P2P ID simpler?. It says that if I have my own server I can control the ID generation process, which is exactly what I want to do! Is there any way you could help me? Thanks!

As explained in the post, you would need to have your own server set up and know how to use JavaScript.
I can’t help you with either.

Well, anyways, thanks for the help, specially in this complicated season!

Last question, do you know someone who could?

People who know JavaScript, I guess. :wink:
We have a JavaScript channel on our Discord server, if you want.

Where can I ask? I joined but only see: Welcome, Announcements, Mobile Game Jam and the Main Stage, but can’t reply on any of them. Is there something I need to do??

You must read and agree to the rules in the Welcome channel. It provides guidance on how to agree to the rules as part of the message. It requires you acknowledging it via a specific reply emoji.

God I’m dumb :man_facepalming:. Thanks for the help!!