Shotgun shooting behavior

I want to make my shotgun instantly fire with delay between each shot, rather than delay on first shot. Here’s a screenshot of my event editor:


You can use a boolean variable to check for the first time the player shoots, and then start the timer after that.
Also I don’t think the events under the key pressed are working (correct me if I’m wrong), because you’re checking if the timer is > 0.75 before actually starting the timer.

This should work for you:

You can also delete the timer > 1 sec and reset the boolean to false if the player stops shooting.


I modify the And condition part a bit, and it worked properly. Here’s a screenshot:

It’s fine, we all make mistakes.

I think you attached the same screenshot again :smiley:

OOPS. Sorry. Here:

Yeah, it can work like this without the “boolean is true” condition.
Just remove the AND condition since it’s not needed anymore.

If one of these conditions is true:

  • Boolean is false
  • Timer > 0.75

It worked, just as you say. Thank you so much.

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