Should I delete timers? Do timers affect performance if left ticking?

Hello. I tend to delete my text scroll scene timer once dialogue has ended, to keep things tidy. I imagine a timer ticking in the background that’s not being used - deleting it seems like the right thing to do. But having the timer still around can be useful sometimes, even if it’s not used in a condition for ages.

My question: is having a timer running, that isn’t being used constantly, a bad thing in terms of performance, or is it not an issue? A player might talk to an NPC, which gets the timer going, but then maybe not talk to the NPC again for a while - the timer is ticking away, unused. Does it matter?

Been wondering the same. I’ve been trying to keep my timers to a minimum and starting timers only when they’re needed and then deleting them when they’ve done their job just to make sure I don’t somehow have a thousand timers running in the background all at the same time.

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I pause timers when I don’t use them and want to use them again in the future. Everything accumulates and affects performance, although I think a few timers won’t affect performance all that much. But I would not leave a timer running indefinitely when it’s not being used when you can pause it.

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Performance wise, timers are relatively harmless. In fact even the trigger once condition takes probably more performance than it. You can keep many running without worries.